Who we are

We are proudly based in the hearth of Tuscany between Florence and Vinci, the birth land of our Maestro Leonardo. In our work, we embrace every day our Maestro’s philosophy: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In the relations with our customers, we also believe that “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding”. Despite the consolidated experience in many fields of our multicultural team, we constantly try to treasure from our experience to always provide a better service. “Learning never exhaust the mind”. Attention to details and customer satisfaction are our priorities.
EMC is a dynamic and flexible company which performs many tasks:
– research of components
– support in the development of testing equipment
– master and PCB realization
– SMT and TH assembly.
EMC’s production line uses the latest technologies with latest generation machinery from assembly to optical control.
The EMC Purchase department purchases the electronic equipment and components supplied by the main manufacturers for the industrial market in the most cost effective manner.
We are located only 30 minutes from Pisa and Florence Airport, one hour from Bologna Airport and 2.5 hours from Rome or Milan. Please fell free to visit us!

Our experience

Our main fields of operation are: Medical, Military, High Speed Railways infrastructure, Aerospace, Industrial, Communication, Hydraulics, Oil and Gas, Innovative Energy, Logistics and Security.









ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company.
EMC has long been ISO 9001 certified with SQS IQNET and is obtaining IRIS certification.









Individual Approach

EMC offers an individual and confidential approach to our customers to fulfil every specific request.

Modern Technologies

EMC uses last generation high precision equipment (nanotechnology). Every product has its unique graphic report.

Complex Solutions

EMC realizes complex testing equipment, unraveling of complex printed circuits and special assemblies.



Pcb Design

Our staff is able to satisfy all your requests for the realization of PCBs and technical support for production.

Security Services

All our customer data are protected according with the current regulations. The security of the information that our customers share with us is a priority for EMC.


EMC plans the material supply with the customer to guarantee the on-time delivery.


Assembly of SMD and TH electronic boards.
Supply of components in Out Sourcing.
Testing of electronic boards or complex equipment.
Design of test equipment.
Design of electronic boards according with customer’s specification.
Wires, Cables and Boxbuilds.

Do you have a project for us? Call us now!

+39 0577 1915151

+39 0577 1915151

Do you have a project for us?
Call us now!


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First Contact

After the initial quote request, we contact the customer to determine in detail the specifications on the supply.

Order and purchase

Upon receipt of the production order, EMC plans the component purchases according with the delivery date.
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Control and preparation of production kits

EMC performs strict quality checks on materials and prepares the production kits.

Production and quality control

EMC develops the requested products and performs quality checks on each individual product out of the production line.

Packaging and shipping

The tested and checked products are now carefully packed and shipped to the customer preferred address.


Loc. Drove, 14 Centro Dir. Campomaggio

53036 – Poggibonsi (Si) – Tuscany – Italy

Italy: +39 0577 1915151

Ireland & UK: +353 857264250


Ireland & UK:

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00


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